VIRTUAL Meeting via ZOOM – Guest Speaker: Guest Speaker: Gerry Fisher – “The Future of Space Tourism” 16 April 2021


Friday 16th April 2021 7.30pm, via Zoom

ZOOM Meeting – Guest Speaker: Gerry Fisher of York Astronomical Society will be presenting “The Future of Space Tourism”- 16 April 2021

The meeting can be joined by following this link:
Meeting ID: 810 0077 8027

About Gerry:
I retired in December 2019 from my employer of 27 years a Swiss machine manufacturer.
I was employed in the industrial laser division as the Installation Project Manager for UK and Ireland.
My background was in Electronic and Electrical systems.
I’ve always interested in science and related subjects but about 10 years ago decided to take astronomy more seriously and joined YAS.
and a bit about the talk
With regard to The future of Space tourism, I looked into it and became really quite interested and as such did some digging which enabled me to put together the presentation.
Basically, I looked at what’s possible now, midterm and we’ll into the future, it’s based on some know facts and some speculation about the future, along with a few considerations that would need to be overcome to make things possible.
A little tongue in cheek towards the end, but does have some big interesting numbers I think, no heavy maths or anything like that.
Suitable for all ages with some nice pictures and a couple of small videos.

Zoom can be used on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
The link can be used prior to the 19th in order to download the Zoom software.

The talk is free and is open to members and non-members

ZOOM Meeting – Guest Speaker: Gerry Fisher – “The Future of Space Tourism” 16 April 2021

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