Dalby Forest Landscape for Stellarium

The Stellarium planetarium software has a feature to import landscape panorama images to use within the software.

John & George Gargett of Durham Astronomical Society have created a panorama of Adderstone Field during StarFest 2018 and have generously made it available for download.

Download the image HERE

To install:
1) Copy the DalbyStellarium.zip file into the Landscapes folder of Stellarium (eg C:\ Program Files\Stellarium\landscapes)
3) Load the Stellarium software and go to the Sky & Viewing Options window
4) Under the Landscapes tab select Add/Remove Landscape
5) Select Install a new landscape from a zip archive.
6) Navigate to and select the DalbyStellarium.zip file you copied into Stellarium folder previously.
7) (optional) Set as the default landscape