Clifton Methodist Cubs Start Astronomer Activity Badge

Cub Astronomy BadgeSociety secretary Andy Exton FRAS visited Dalby Forest on Saturday 12th July to meet the cub scouts from Clifton Methodist in York.  The initial plan was to do some observing from Adderstone Field but a thunderstorm resulted in the group relocating back to their camp on Moorcock Meadow and do some learning in their large communal tent – a metal framed tent in the middle of a large thunderstorm that one of the leaders informed me had been struck previously on another camp!

The group learnt about the Sun, planets and moons of the Solar System, constellations and how to find the pole star Polaris for navigation purposes.

A number of hands on activities aided their learning towards their astronomer badges which requires them to build a model and a small project after the camp to complete the award.  The group were very well behaved and full of questions.

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