Two more Cub Scout groups on their way to achieving their Astronomy badge

On Monday night society secretary Andy Exton FRAS travelled to Whitby to visit Eskmouth (Whitby) Cubs and help them start their Astronomy badge.  The 15 Cubs had a presentation to cover the knowledge required to pass their badge, such as Solar System objects and some of the well known constellations in the night sky.  Andy then gave the Cubs an explanation of how the telescope worked, allowing the youngsters the opportunity to ask questions and have a close look at the design.  Fortunately, there was a break in the cloud later on in the evening which allowed the Cubs to take a look at Jupiter and the Galilean satellites, and to be shown how to find Polaris using “the pointers” in the Plough.

Unfortunately the weather on Tuesday night was less favourable for First Scarborough Cubs.  The large group of 35 Cubs were given an indoor tour of the night sky, and the chance to see a Skywatcher Heritage 130P Dobsonian telescope up close despite conditions not being good enough to go outside.  The group sat patiently through the presentation which covers the requirements for the badge work, and asked numerous questions about the Solar System (the Moon, planets and asteroids), exoplanets, life on other planets, shooting stars and black holes.

The Cubs will all complete their badge work next week with some astronomy related activities.  The society have also been invited back to First Scarborough to examine their Scouts during February.

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