Terrington WI Talk … Astronomy and the local night sky.

From society treasurer Mell Jeffery FRAS….

womens_institute“The evening didn’t start too well!  The car boot wouldn’t unlock and the observatory key had gone AWOL! I ended up going in the defender and I did manage to get the Dobsonian out of the observatory (Thanks to Andi)!

Alicia (my glamorous assistant or button presser!) and I set of for Terrington village hall.  On arrival I got set up and then we were introduced to the Ladies of the Women’s Institute (WI).

The talk started with a little bit of history of astronomy followed by information on important astronomers, including some woman astronomers and notable amateur astronomers.

I then mentioned different aspects of astronomy and then went on to talk about the local night skies, what could be seen in July and what was to be seen later in the year. I presented them with star charts for the month of July along with details of ISS passes to watch out for towards the end of the month. They also got chance to see a Dobsonian telescope, a solar telescope and images taken by me along with some sketches.

This was followed by a short question and answer session and then a cuppa and a biscuit.

A donation of £10 was received for the society.”

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