Stargazing evening with 1st Scarborough (Trent) Beavers

Wednesday 28th November 2012 saw SARAS Secretary Andy Exton attend a stargazing evening with 1st Scarborough (Trent) Beavers at their scout hall on Maple Drive, Scarborough.  As seems to be the case at the moment, any public outreach event seems to coincide with either wet or cloudy conditions!

The group of Beavers were given a tour of the Solar System including the Sun, Moon and Planets and were also introduced to some deeper sky objects (nebulae, star clusters and galaxies).  Plenty of questions were asked relating to aliens and life, the Moon causing the tides and the composition of planets.

Luckily, following the talk the Beavers had the chance to all catch a glimpse of the Moon in an 8″ Skywatcher Dobsonian telescope through the gaps in the clouds.  Jupiter was in conjunction with the Moon but the cloud was so patchy that unfortunately they didn’t have the chance to see Jupiter and its satellites.

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