StarFest 2020


19th Annual StarFest

Thurs 20th August – Mon 24th Aug 2020

Adderstone Field, Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire

After assessing the logistics, likely low attendance levels and of course potential safety issues in running StarFest this year, the S&RAS Committee has made the decision to cancel StarFest 2020 at Dalby.
With all the current external factors, we can’t see any feasible way to run a safe, fun event to the standard we want, as well as the potential for a second wave of COVID-19 which could trigger a second lock-down and automatic cancellation of the event anyway.
Social distancing would make marquee events impossible (You know how crowded they are normally) and even the staples of wandering around the site and chatting/using other’s equipment would turn into a military operation of cleaning eyepieces and distance checking. (I also for one don’t fancy disinfecting/wiping down a porta-loo after use!)
I know this will be a disappointment to everyone, especially as it may have been a break from lock-down or a sign of a partial return to normality but safety will always come first.
Anyone who has already paid will be refunded via cheque (our Charity account does not allow outgoing BACS) and I will contact everyone who has paid individually to confirm the postal address.
We have discussed and decided not to hold funds for next year’s event, as some have offered already instead of refunds.
Hopefully, the pandemic situation will be more under control soon and you will all receive your StarFest 2021 “registrations open” emails in January and we can hold an event next year as normal.