StarFest 2017

S&RAS Annual StarFest 2017

Adderstone Field, Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire

Unfortunately, S&RAS were unable to secure exclusive use of Adderstone Field for August 2017 due to other events using the field on the optimal dates based on the New/Full moon.

These events would have meant either sharing the field with other parties or involve event lighting which would interfere with our Dark Sky site.

Alternative locations in the forest were discussed with the Forestry Commission but they either had limited or no access for caravans/campers, high tree lines or were on inclines.

Due to this, it was decided that StarFest would be postponed until August 2018, where Adderstone Field has been booked for our exclusive use once again and it will be business as usual under those Dark Skies.

We regret not holding StarFest in 2017, we feel that having no event is better than an event at much lower standards than guests have come to expect from S&RAS and the Dalby site.

We hope that regular attendees won’t forget about our little event with the gap and hope to see you all in 2018.

Details of the 2018 event will be updated here in due course: