SARAS Attend First Yorkshire Fossil Festival

Allosaur Skull of Hidden Horizons

Allosaur Skull of Hidden Horizons

SARAS were invited to be a part of the first Yorkshire Fossil Festival that was held in and around the Rotunda Museum in Scarborough between 12th and 14th September.  A very busy weekend saw exhibitors including the Natural History Museum, Geological Society, Paleontological Association, local universities, Rotunda Geology Group and Hidden Horizons providing many hands-on activities for the weekend.

The society involvement for the weekend included answering peoples questions about the Sun, aurora, planets, our Milky Way and life in the Universe.  A pair of telescopes were setup but unfortunately little Sun was visible through the cloudy skies.

Should a repeat be held in Scarborough, the astronomical society will certainly be hoping to attend again.

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