S&RAS at Dalby Explorer Day 2018

S&RAS were invited once again to the Dalby Explorer Day on Sunday 8th July 2018.

Howard Watson, Neil Graham, John Harper & Sheila Anderson opened the Domes for the public to see the 12″ Meade SCT and 12″ Skywatcher Lightbridge as well as 2 solar filtered telescopes.

The theme of the event was “Speed”.

Neil and Howard put together images and information relating to speed in the universe and the speed of light.
Howard also facilitated an experiment to determine the speed of light using a microwave and a Twix bar.
Using the microwave to heat the Twix produced 2 hot areas at the ends, the distance between which could be measured and multiplied to produce a result close the the speed of light.

Solar viewing was available for the Public thanks to Neil and John in both Hydrogen Alpha and Visible Light but persistent cloud between 10:30am and 4pm hindered any proper viewing.

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