Partial Lunar Eclipse – 16 July 2019

SCARBOROUGH & RYEDALE ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY will be hosting a Public Observing Night at the Holbeck Car Park, at the end of SEA CLIFF ROAD, on the night of the eclipse (weather permitting) to give you the chance, not only to see the eclipse through telescopes, but to observe the ‘Ringed Planet’ SATURN, which is at its nearest to the Earth at this time!

JULY 16. FULL MOON is at 21h 30 UT (22h 30 Local UK time) This FULL MOON dips partially into EARTH’S Shadow giving us a Partial Lunar Eclipse.
Moon enters the Umbra of the Earth’s Shadow at 20h 02 UT (21:02 Local UK Time) and leaves it at 22h 59 UT. (23h 59 Local UK Time)

At Mid-eclipse, just over 60% of the Northern part of the Moon lies in the umbra of the Earth’s Shadow. This Full Moon is another low altitude one for observers in the UK. Take this opportunity to observe Saturn which is at its nearest to Earth, and see its wide open rings, visible in small telescopes!

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