Observatory Maintenance Underway

Some of our members braved the snow today to give the observatories at Dalby Forest a good clean inside and out. The snow was pretty deep and we literally had to dig our way to the dome doors.

The observatory domes are undergoing some routine maintenance at the moment, and some of the society telescopes are being refurbished.  However, we aim to have one of the domes open at Friday night’s BBC Stargazing LIVE public observing event so that members of the public can have a look inside and see what the familiar white landmarks look like inside.

SARAS members working in the North dome inspecting the pillar and equatorial wedge

The next phase of work will be the re-sealing of the South dome panels to prevent water ingress, and then we can look to get the telescopes re-sited ready for members to use on a regular basis.

We propose a regular annual maintenance schedule to keep on top of the work, either quarterly or bi-annually (beginning and end of observing season).  This could be combined with a members social at Dalby, with a picnic and solar observing (weather permitting of course).

For more images taken during the “big clean”, please visit the gallery.

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