Name Website / Description
BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Sky at Night

“BBC Sky at Night magazine is a British monthly magazine about astronomy aimed at amateur astronomers and published by BBC Magazines Bristol.”

Sky and Telescope Magazine

Sky and Telescope

“Sky & Telescope (S&T) is a monthly American magazine covering all aspects of amateur astronomy, including the following:

  • current events in astronomy and space exploration;
  • events in the amateur astronomy community;
  • reviews of astronomical equipment, books, and computer software;
  • amateur telescope making;
  • astrophotography.”
  • Astronomy Now Magazine

    Astronomy Now

    “Astronomy Now is a monthly British magazine on astronomy and space. It features a mix of articles ranging from how to observe the night sky to the latest discoveries in the Solar System and in deep space.”

    Astronomy Magazine


    “Astronomy is a monthly American magazine about astronomy. Targeting amateur astronomers for its readers, it contains columns on sky viewing, reader-submitted astrophotographs, and articles on astronomy and astrophysics that are readable by nonscientists.”

    The Astronomer (Online Subscription Only Magazine for the Serious Amateur Astronomer)

    The Astronomer

    “A magazine for the advanced amateur and our aim is to publish all observations of astronomical interest as soon as possible after they are made. The magazine has been published monthly since 1964 and subscribers are found all over the world.”