Happy New Year – Welcome to 2018

Happy New Year everyone, welcome to 2018.

A reminder that we don’t have a Public Viewing Night at Dalby in January (next is 2nd Feb 2018) but we do have a guest speaker:

Professor Brad Gibson, Hull University – “Where are the Aliens?”
19 January 2018 7.45pm, East Ayton Village Hall

Have we been visited before? Are they out there watching… listening… studying us? And if they are out there, where might ‘there’ be? Our Milky Way Galaxy can be a nasty and inhospitable place for life to develop… but, all is not lost… there are some very unique and special places hidden amongst this hostile environment where the building blocks for life might just be right for extraterrestrial life to flourish. In this lecture, Professor Brad Gibson will examine the evidence for and against the existence of extraterrestrial life, and walk you through the associated good, bad, and ugly corners of our Galaxy.

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