Quadrantids (Jan)

The Quadrantids is the first major meteor shower of the year, active between 1st and 6th January, peaking 2nd or 3rd and can produce zenithal hourly rates (ZHRs) as high as the Perseids and Geminids. However, the peak of the Quadrantids lasts only a few hours so showers of high intensity are rarely observed visually.  At its peak, it can produce 100+ meteors per hour.

The shower gets its name from the now obsolete constellation of Quadrans Muralis that now forms part of the modern day constellation of Boötes. The parent body responsible is thought to be minor planet 2003 EH1 (which is thought to originate from comet C/1490 Y1).

Please download our Quadrantids radiant finder chart or see the star map below  (clicking will open a larger version) for the location of the radiant (both produced in TheSkyX Professional Edition).

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