Geminids (Dec)

The Geminid meteor shower is active between 7th and 16th November, peaking 13th or 14th November, and can produce zenithal hourly rates (ZHRs) of over 120 meteors per hour. Geminid meteors are usually slow moving and are considered to produce consistent showers.

Unlike the majority of meteor showers, the Geminids are not produced as a result of a comet but in fact an asteroid, 3200 Phaethon. The only other major meteor shower associated with an asteroid is the Quadrantids in January. The Geminid meteor shower was first observed in 1862 meaning it is one of the modern major meteor showers unlike others that have been observed for hundreds / thousands of years.

Please download our Geminids radiant finder chart or see the star map below  (clicking will open a larger version) for the location of the radiant (both produced in TheSkyX Professional Edition).

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