Committee Members

The Society is a Registered Charity and is managed by an elected Executive Committee (“The Committee”).  The Committee consists of:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 6 Ordinary Committee Members

Each member serves a term of one year, elected at each Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in July each year by the voting membership.
The Committee is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers.

The Committee for 2018/19 was elected on 20th July 2018:

  • Chairman: VACANT
  • Secretary: Neil Graham
  • Treasurer: Sheila Anderson
  • Ordinary Member: Mark Tissington
  • Ordinary Member: Howard Watson
  • Ordinary Member: Phil Scaling
  • Ordinary Member: VACANT
  • Ordinary Member: VACANT
  • Ordinary Member: VACANT

The society constitution allows for a maximum of 6 ordinary Committee member posts. The Committee currently has a vacant Chairman post.  If any society member wishes to join the Committee then please contact the Secretary.

Any member can be added to the Committee at any time and the Committee can call an Extraordinary General Meeting to elect a Chairman.
In the absence of an elected Chair, the Committee member will take it in turns to act as Chairman at the Committee meetings and AGM.

The Committee meets approximately every quarter for formal business meetings.
Sub-committees liaise more frequently to coordinate events, such as public outreach and our annual star camp at Dalby Forest: “StarFest”.  

Minutes of all meetings are emailed to all members and are also uploaded to the website HERE or available on request from the Secretary.