A Busy Time In The Forest

The society had a busy time in Dalby Forest over the first weekend of May with two separate events.  The first of these was on Friday 2nd May when society secretary Andy Exton FRAS visited the 1st Scarborough Scouts at their annual group camp.  Staying on Moorcock Meadow within the forest, the cubs, scouts and leaders after a night walk joined Andy on the familiar surroundings of Adderstone Field under some crisp, darkening skies to enjoy the delights of the night sky.  Among the objects to enjoy were a crescent Moon, Jupiter along with its Galilean satellites and Mars through telescopes and binoculars.

Members of the society were back in the forest on Sunday 4th May for the first solar observing event of the year.  The event also happened to coincide with the grand reopening of the Visitor Centre and playground area.  Despite cloudy skies, visitors to the forest later in the day were able to observe features on the Sun such as sunspots and learn more about our nearest star.  Visitors were also able to have an up-close look at the society telescopes and observatories.

The society will next be at the observatories in June for the regular solar observing event on Sunday 1st June and at the Dalby Explorer Day on Saturday 7th June.

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