2013/14 Year Underway with Votes and Cake


Outgoing chairman Andi Jeffery giving his report. Image credit: Alicia Jeffery

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the society took place on Friday 20th August at Ayton Village Hall.  It was nice to see members returning for the new society year.  The AGM reflects on the past year, votes in the committee for the coming year and deals with any business that requires the votes of members.

Outgoing chairman Andi Jeffery, secretary Andy Exton FRAS and treasurer Mell Jeffery FRAS all delivered reports on the work of the society over the past year.  Following these reports, the committee for 2013/14 was voted in unanimously by those members present.  The SARAS committee for 2013/14 is as follows:


                • Chairman: Howard Watson
                • Secretary: Andy Exton FRAS
                • Treasurer: Mell Jeffery FRAS
                • Ordinary Committee Member: Simon Christian
                • Ordinary Committee Member: Laura Exton
                • Ordinary Committee Member: Neil Graham
                • Ordinary Committee Member: Malcolm Hewitt
                • Ordinary Committee Member: Andi Jeffery



John cutting his cake. Image credit: Alicia Jeffery


Close up of John’s cake. Image credit: Alicia Jeffery

The committee during 2012/13 amended the constitution of the society.  The main purpose of this was to move the date of the constitution in following years to July with the society year running from July 1st to June 30th.  The amended constitution was accepted unanimously and will be uploaded to the website and forum shortly.

The only business raised under Any Other Business was the announcement of the 70th birthday of society founder and Honorary President John Harper FRAS.  John was presented with a card from members and a cake was shared among members following the close of the meeting.

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